NAAD History

We will be posting a detailed history of the organization and include historical documents here. The information relates to shows the start of NAAD.

NAAD Timeline – Highlights

1982 NAAD President and founding member Jules Grosswald. No official start date but honored for years of service to NAAD. Prior to 1983, NAAD met for dinner meetings sponsored by test publishers. The meetings consisted of after dinner conversations about test issues either concerns or projects that district test directors were doing.

1982-1983 Montreal, Canada, Paul Brown, Indianapolis IN, elected first President of NAAD and the beginning of the formal organization.

1983-1984 New Orleans Louisiana Paul Brown President (reelected)

  • First Invited Symposium Session by NCME

  • FIRST NAAD meeting to be officially part of the AERA program

  • Committee for Test Standardization developed document Outlining Conditions necessary for participation by large cities and counties in test standardizations.

  • Joint Meeting with AAP ( Association of American Publishers to review “Principles for National Test Development” adopted by NAAD

  • Discussion at business meeting included discussion of general statistical problems inherent in the use of tests to award merit pay for teachers.

1985 Constitution adopted by membership

  • Traditions established:

    • Past NAAD presidents gather at each dinner for the “Poop Oath”

    • Presentation of Plaque to Immediate Past President

NAAD Awards

  • 2008 Outstanding Contribution Award to G. Gage Kingsbury

A Personal History of NAAD by Carole Perlman A Personal History of NAAD perman 2015

Letter from Ed Drahozal (Riverside) about the origins of NAAD NAAD scanned ltrs1

Letter from Tommy Hall (IN) listing the original meetings and precursor organization meetings of NAAD NAAD scanned ltrs2