The purpose of NAAD:

Annual Meeting: NAAD meets annually in conjunction with the National Council on Measurement in Education and the Directors of Research & Evaluation. For detailed information on conference activities of interest to NAAD members click on the Annual Meeting tab of this website. (For information about the AERA convention check this link:

At the Annual Meeting, NAAD members also hold a dinner meeting. We thank CTB/McGraw Hill Education for supporting our organization and the annual dinner.

An NAAD directory including mailing addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers, and e-mail addresses is compiled and shared.

The association also promotes communication among members and provides mailing labels to employers who wish to send job postings to members. NAAD periodically surveys its membership to compile information on assessment trends and member needs and shares the results with the membership.

Membership Eligibility: “Active members” include dues paying individuals (a) With responsibility for educational testing programs; or, (b) From institutions involved in the construction or use of tests in settings not primarily for profit, including but not limited to, school systems and school system research, assessment, testing, or evaluation departments. “Associate members” are dues paying individuals who do not have direct responsibility for testing programs and/or who are involved in test development commercially and/or primarily for profit.

Membership Dues: Membership dues are $40 per year.

Membership application is available here

NAAD History can be found here

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