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2021 NAAD Symposium Assessment Literacy: Practical Applications and Outcomes. Moderated by Rick Stiggins

2021 Annual Business Meeting A video of the annual business meeting and social hour.

The 2021 Symposium (@NCME), and the 2021 Annual Business Meeting are available on the NAAD Youtube Channel.

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NAAD Webinars and Special Presentations

NAAD Surveys

  • Performance Assessment Survey 2002

  • NAAD survey on district testing practices naadsurvey2000

  • Survey of testing practices and issues 1998

  • Standardized Test Selection Practices in Public Schools 1987

  • Test Preparation Survey 1986

  • Survey on State and National Test Comparisons 1985

Annual Symposium Proceedings & Occasional Papers

NAAD usually produces an Annual Proceedings that reflects the content of the annual symposium. Presenters are asked to provide a copy of their paper and presentation. One purpose of these proceedings is to disseminate important information about testing issues to practitioners in schools.

  • 2021 Symposium: Assessment Literacy: Practical Applications and Outcomes. Moderated by Rick Stiggins

  • 2021 Annual Meeting

  • 2019 Invited Lecture: Assessment Lessons from the National Research Council and the Promise of Formative Assessment (Dr, Michael Rodriguez)

  • 2019 Symposium: Assessment Literacy: Tactics for Traction and Strategies for Success

  • 2014 Symposium: Past Present Future v3 Trustworthy Test Results: Cheating in the Past, Present & Future

  • 2011 Proceedings: Measuring Teacher Effectiveness in a Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation System: Fair, Accurate, & Legally Defensible? What Variables Belong in Your Value-Added Model?; Measuring Teacher Effectiveness; Alternative and innovative approaches for the use of growth models for school improvement

  • 2011 Breakfast Meeting and Presentation from Dr. Joe Willhoft: An Overview of the Race-to-the-Top Assessment Consortia Part 1, An Overview of the Race-to-the-Top Assessment Consortia Part 2

  • 2010 Proceedings: – Validity Issues for Interim Benchmark Assessment Systems

  • NAAD 2009 powerpoints(1): NCLB at Year Eight in the Assessment of English Language Learners: Taking Stock of Assessment and Accountability Systems.

  • 2008 Proceedings – not published

  • Naad 2007 proceedings final NCLB:Changing it, Fixing It, Living With It

  • 2006 Proceedings: naad 2006 proceedings final Beyond NCLB: From Measuring Status to Informing Improvement

  • 2005 Proceedings: naad 2005 proceedings1 Current Guidance for Integrity in Testing

  • 2004 Proceedings: NAAD2004 The Achievement Gap: Test Bias or School Structures

  • 2003 Proceedings:NCLB One Year Into Implementation 2003_NAAD_NCME_Symposium

  • 2002 Proceedings: NAAD2002papers What Will Be the Effects on Assessment and Accountability in Local School Districts of the “No Child Left Behind Legislation”?

  • 2001 Proceedings: naad2001 Test Security in a High Stakes Environment: Myth or Reality?

  • 2000 Proceedings: naad2000 Standards – Assessments – Instructional Improvement

    • The Golden Triangle of American Education

  • 2000 NAAD Testing Survey naadtestingsurvey2000

  • 1999 Proceedings: 1999_NAAD_Symposium Issues and Trends in Inclusive Assessment Practices

  • 1998 Proceedings: naad98 Revisiting the Issue of Measuring and Reporting Student Growth in an Era of Standards Based Reform (Coming Soon)

  • 1997 Proceedings: NAAD 1997 Symposium The Rasch Tiger Ten Years Later: Using IRT Techniques To Measure Achievement In Schools

  • 1996 Proceedings: 1996 Proceedings Current Issues in Test Administration

  • 1995 Proceedings: 1995 Proceedings Performance Assessment in the Brave New World of Continuous Quality Improvement: Perspectives from Business, Curriculum Development & Testing

  • 1994 Proceedings: 1994 Proceedings Guiding Principles for Performance Assessment

  • 1993 Proceedings: (Testing…Testing…) Do we know we are going? Have we been here before? The scoop from P.O.O.P.P’s; Objectifying the Subjective: Rubrics, Scoring guides, and Other Ways of Knowing

  • 1992 Proceedings: National Assessment in England and Wales; Alternative Assessments in Practice: Perspectives on Issues and Problems

  • 1991 Proceedings: symp1991 (Note, this is a scanned copy so the formatting is not perfect) More Authentic Assessment: Theory and practice; Measurement Issues in Performance Assessment; Local, State, National and International Indicator Systems: Will we know where we are if we get there?

  • 1990 Proceedings: Issues in Large Scale Assessment Programs

  • 1989 Proceedings: Beyond the Wall Chart: Indicators and school ranking; Dog-eared Reports are the Best of the Breed: Recognizing and rewarding evaluation utilization;

  • 1989 Occasional Paper: Standardized Tests at the Pre-school Level: Do they tell us the truth about children?

  • 1988 Proceedings: Customization of a National Standardized Achievement Test;

  • 1988 Occasional Paper: Multi-layered Testing in the Los Angeles Unified School District

  • 1987 Proceedings: Perspectives on Public Reporting of Test Results; Student Achievement Comparison Among States:

    • Issues and status; Riding the Rasch Tiger;

  • 1987 Occasional Paper:The Testing Octopus: A tentacle for curriculum, or, How do you dance with a octopus?

  • 1987 Occasional Paper: Who’s in Charge of Testing Now? or, A system used to consolidate testing throughout a district.

  • 1986 Proceedings: Legitimate Ways to Prepare Students for Standardized Tests; Taming the Rasch Tiger: Using item response theory in practical educational measurement.

  • 1985 Proceedings: Cheating on Standardized Tests; Issues and Problems in Large City Schools;

  • 1985 Occasional Paper: Guidelines and Principles for National Test Norming Studies